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Auricular Therapy / Ear Candling

Ear Candles, are used as a gentle therapy to pleasantly relieve and soothe the ear. They have been shown to help sufferers of sinus problems, headaches, stress and waxy ears.

The candles are hollow and once lit have a light suction/chimney effect on the ear plus the warmth from the smoke of the candle appears to penetrate the ear canal and soften the wax to allow the body to drain it away naturally . The treatment involves a head, facial and ear massage too which will help you to relax but also may help loosen any mucus/wax within the sinuses or ears. If ears are especially blocked several sessions maybe necessary. Also, I have found that we have more success with the candles if you can put 2/3 drops of olive oil or specialised ear wax softeners into the ears for 2 or 3 nights before treatment.

Each candle will burn between 7 - 12 minutes but please allow 40 mins for a complete treatment

Ear Candling £30 for a single treatment

Please note the treatment cannot be performed if "grommets" are in the ears or if you have suffered a perforated eardrum, or currently have an ear infection.

There has been some talk in the media recently about the effectiveness of this procedure i.e. that it does not work. I can only speak from my own experience and my customers' feedback. I perform this regularly on myself and feel my ears are clearer afterwards, one customer recently couldn't be syringed at a surgery as the nurse said that the wax was too compacted. After one session she went back to the same nurse who said "wow, there's nothing left to syringe!"
Another, an ex-nurse, came for several sessions and her partner after a few sessions kept complaining because my client was forever turning the volume down on the TV and the radio.
I never claim that you will notice an instant improvement, although many clients do. I personally seem to notice the effect 24 to 48 hours after the treatment.

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