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Reflexology is a gentle and relaxing therapy dating back to Ancient Egypt, India and China and was reintroduced to the West as "zone therapy" by Dr William Fitzgerald in 1913. Since this time it has been developed into what is now known as Reflexology.

Reflexology is suitable for all ages and although it does not claim to diagnose or cure, for many people it appears to bring relief to their various medical conditions, as well as helping you to relax, improve your mood, aid sleep, relieve tension and improve a sense of well-being.
Feel free to call me to discuss a treatment to see if reflexology may help you personally. All calls and conversations are completely confidential and there is never any pressure to book a treatment.
HOT STONE REFLEXOLOGY This is a standard reflexology treatment but also incorporates hot stones on various reflexes. It lasts a little longer than an hour and the heat from the stones appears to penetrate deeper into the tissues allowing an even more relaxing treatment.
Please note that this can include, if you wish, a massage of the calves so please wear trousers that will roll up easily to the knees, a skirt or be happy to remove your trousers/leggings - blanket provided.
LUXURY REFLEXOLOGY TREATMENT This is a 75 minute treatment that includes a standard treatment but with the added pampering of a foot scrub to start and a heated eye mask.
Trained by Sally Earlam
Trained by Sally Earlam Trained by Sally Earlam Trained by Sally Earlam
A foot treatment lasts from 50 mins - 1 hour and during that time I will use reflexology techniques as well as relaxation techniques.

Reflexology technique consists of thumb "walking" across various reflex points on both sides of the feet. This appears to gently encourage the body to restore naturally to its own healthy balance.

How many treatments?
This depends on the reason for your treatment. If you are coming because of a particular reason, then I would recommend a treatment every week for 4-6 weeks and then weaning down to a monthly or 6 weekly treatment.

If you are coming purely for relaxation purposes then it is entirely down to your time and finances.

Pregnant ladies, yes you can have reflexology! Please enquire about a treatment or a course of treatments throughout your pregnancy.
Trying to get pregnant? Call me for a chat. I am trained in Conception & Maternity Reflexology.

Video about reflexology

Reflexology £35
Hot Stone Reflexology £45
Luxury treatment - 75 mins Inc heated eye mask and foot scrub £45
Please note on your first session I do need to take a brief medical history from you, to ensure that I'm not interfering with any medication you may be on and that there are no contra-indications.

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